Comcast Xfinity – 15Mbps Performance Internet for $19.99 per month!

I have been leeching internet for about a year now and have came to the point where I needed to step back into the market for another deal. Just like the last amazing deal for internet with AT&T, I have found one even better for Comcast Xfinity. The deal is for Comcast Xfinity Internet PERFORMANCE 15Mbps for $19.99/month for a year, $34.99 2nd year, and $42.95 thereafter if you subscribe to tv or voice, or $59.95/month without.

This Flyer, advertises the special offer for new residential customers and only available by calling the number on the flyer, which states the offer will end on September 19th. 2010. Sounds easy enough right? Wrong! I’ve called the numbers on the flyer as well as many other Comcast numbers, unfortunately most of the reps do not have any clue about the promotion we’re talking about. When you mention a deal for $19.99 a month, they think of the current deal for existing tv/voice customers for $19.99 a month for 6 month internet. They say that offer is only available online, and that they cannot offer a better internet deal. That’s not the same offer, at all. This offer is for $19.99 a month for a year, without the need for tv or voice. Before I get into the specifics on getting in on this deal, let’s compare with the current deals Comcast offers for bare internet.

So when I called looking for this deal, the representatives were unable to provide me any deals on packages similar to the quality and pricing of what I’ve seen on the flyer. I am a new customer looking for only bare internet, I don’t want any packages under 10Mbps, if I did I’d just go back to AT&T. Now when trying haggle with the Comcast Reps, the lowest deal on internet they can provide was the Economy Internet Package, which is a download speed of up to 1.5Mbps with 384Kbps upload for $26.95 a month. This price is outrageous and AT&T can beat that in a heartbeat. I told the representative that that was too slow for me, and that I’d be willing to pay $30 a month for something better. The next best deal they can offer me since I don’t subscribe to TV or voice is $59.99 a month for the performance package of 15Mbps down. However, they did have a price lock guarantee for that deal for $30 a month for 6 months. From past experiences, I would not pay over $30 a month for internet, and if I was desperate I’d step down to DSL.

Alright, after speaking with tens of different reps, explaining that this is not an online promotion and that the flyer says is only available by calling, I’ve been transfered from department to department. It was probably around the 7th call, and being transfered through 3 departments that I’ve found the right place to get the deal. I’ve given the representative my information, followed a prompt to virtually consent to the agreement, and had a Comcast rep install the cable the next day for the promotional $25 installation fee from $100. I would recommend purchasing your own modem on Craigslist instead of renting one for $5 a month.

For your convenience, I have asked the very courteous representatives for information on how to get connected with them. I will first explain how to get connected to the proper representatives in the San Francisco Bay Area. The flyer states to call 1-877-557-7457, this is just the number to Comcast and no representative will know what promo you’re talking about.

San Francisco Bay Area customers:

  1. Call 1-800-945-2288
  2. Enter your phone number at the prompt, then choose the options to where you’re a new customer looking for new residential service.
  3. After the operator answers the phone, ask them to transfer you to “Special Forces Department”, or “Disconnects and Downgrade”. (I’ve called the second time and asked to get me to ‘Special Forces’, and they’ve transferred me to the right place.
  4. When a representative from Special Forces answers the phone, let them know that you’re a new customer and have seen a flyer for $19.99 a month for first year for performance internet service. They will know what you’re talking about from there, and get you started.

For new customers not in the San Francisco Bay Area:

Since I have not tried this as I am in SF Bay Area, I do not know how likely you would be able to get in on this offer. However, you would have to follow the same steps as above, but call these two numbers instead: 1-866-618-2259 or 1-877-557-7457

It’s been a while since I’ve made a blog post, but I feel many will benefit from this deal as it’s one of a kind. Good luck and be sure to leave comments on your successes!

Oh, here is a preview of my internet speed a day after I signed up, probably higher than normal due to PowerBoost:

Compared to my neighbor’s Comcast through Wifi:

Try to hop on this deal while you still can! Offer ends September 19th 2010, get started now!

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